Guides and tips for staff using Blackboard

Guides and tips for staff who use the Blackboard software.

Blackboard guide for lecturers to version 9.1 SP10

A full guide to the Blackboard Learning Management System.

  • Blackboard Leader Guide: a short guide to some of the options in Blackboard when setting up your paper.pdf icon 

Collaborate Voice Tools

Voice Tools provide the ability for lecturers to record and playback sound files directly through Blackboard. Below are a list of these tools with some of the features they have:
  • Voice Discussion Board: A threaded voice discussion board that allows both lecturer and student to post voice messages along with accompanying text, which is accessible to the whole class.
  • Voice Email: Lecturers and students can send a voice email message from Blackboard to anyone enrolled in their Blackboard course.
  • Voice Announcements: a short voice message which can be posted alongside a conventional text announcement. To hear the information students simply press the play button.
  • Voice Recorder: To add vocal instructions or information to a content area. The recorded message can be embedded into the course and the student simply needs to click on it to listen.
  • Examples of its uses:
  • explain difficult concepts verbally – annotate a complex diagram and provide a clear, vocal explanation
  • provide verbal feedback for assignments or create a listening glossary of professional vocabulary and technical jargon that may be difficult to pronounce
  • teach foreign languages by emphasizing speaking and listening
  • easily teach pronunciation, rhythm, stress, and emphasis
  • provide anytime, anywhere access to language resources as students are no longer constrained to use a language lab
  • Voice Direct: A live, voice chat tool that provides a forum for one-on-one and group discussions. There is an option which allows you to archive the discussions also.
  • Voice Presentation: Allows lecturers and students to speak and/or type content and simultaneously pull up a webpage eg a “voice-over” slide presentation of web pages.
  • Podcaster: Lecturers can create podcasts or upload external podcasts which students can subscribe

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