Referencing in assignments

How can you use referencing in your assignments?

You can include the words and ideas of other people in your writing in two ways:

  • Paraphrasing - change the exact words of the original (use this a lot)
  • Direct quotes - use the exact words of the original (use this a little)

Referencing in APA style

The APA referencing style has two components:

  • In-text citations
    • Details of the author and year each time you refer to a source
    • In the paragraphs of your writing
  • Reference list
    • A formatted list of all the sources you refer to in your writing
    • At the end of your writing

1. In-text citations

An in-text citation:

  • Indicates that what you have just written is based on someone else’s work
  • Points the reader to the full information in your reference list

An in-text citation in APA style includes:

  • The family name of the author (eg, Junco)
  • The year of publication (eg, 2011)
  • A page number (eg, p. 42) – only when making a direct quote
  • Brackets
  • Commas

For example: (Junco, 2011)


Find out more about the rules for in-text citations.

2. Reference List

A reference list lists only the sources you refer to in your writing.

  • Use the heading: References
  • All references cited in-text must appear in the reference list, except for personal communications, which a reader won’t be able to access
  • Arrange the reference list alphabetically by author
  • Indent the second and following lines of each reference

Find out more about the elements of a reference and how they are formatted for different types of sources.

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