Exam arrangements

Following the student's individual needs assessment interview, we confirm which reasonable examination arrangements are required. Alternative examination arrangements are put in place to ensure that students are not unduly disadvantaged by their impairment. Support is designed to maximise a student's capacity to become an independent learner whilst studying at AUT. Remember that the key to successful study is to plan ahead, check out the environment and resources, and ask for assistance at the earliest opportunity.

What support is available for students with impairments?

  • Additional time
  • A reader/writer (sometimes called a scribe or amanuensis)
  • Examination papers in enlarged print
  • Separate distraction free rooms
  • The use of a word processor

Examination and tests during the semester

To get your examination support confirmed you must:
  • Fully complete an “Exam Arrangements Application Form” for each examination, where agreed support is required, and return it to Disability Student Support. (These forms can be collected from our office or emailed to you.)
  • Ensure the forms are received by us no later than 2 weeks before the examination date
  • Receive notification from us that your arrangements have been confirmed

It is essential that the forms are given to us without delay. Your examinations and test dates and times can be found in your programme handbook at the beginning of each semester. Failure to follow this process means that we will not guarantee that your alternative examination arrangement will be provided in time for your examination.

End of semester examinations

These dates can be found in your programme guides and can be confirmed by your lecturers and programme administrators. All requests for end of semester alternative examination arrangement must be submitted to the AUT Student Hub before the end of Week 10 each semester.

Some students may have semester end examinations that do not fall into the normal 3 week period of examinations. Cut off dates will have to be amended accordingly.

Come and talk to us if you are unsure

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