Adaptive technology and in class support

AUT offers a range of adaptive technologies and in class support such as note takers and sign language interpreters.

Adaptive technologies

There are adaptive technology rooms on AUT's City and North Campuses (based within the libraries).

Our equipment includes four computers with specialised software:
  • A screen-reader for blind users (Connect Outloud)
  • A scanner and scanning software (OpenBook)
  • Enlargement software with speech output (ZoomText)
  • A CCTV linked to a computer monitor (SmartView)
  • Speech-recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking )
  • Literacy support software (TextHelp, Read and Write)

The equipment and software have been chosen for their relative ease of use, but instruction is available. As problems can arise between different software, assistive software is installed on separate computers where possible.

Other equipment available for trial or to be used in classes:
  • FM transmitter and receiver systems
  • Digital recorders
  • SmartPens
  • Magnifiers
  • Electronic dictionaries

If you have an ongoing need for assistive technology, we can provide advice and information about specialised equipment and computer software. We have some items available to loan or we can assist you to apply for grants that may purchase what you need.

Contact the Adaptive Technology Coordinator to access our room and equipment

In class support staff

Support services such as note taking are essential in accommodating and providing equal opportunity for disabled students. Without in class support, many students would have great difficulty continuing their studies and pursuing their chosen career.

Note takers

Note takers may be available to work with students with an impairment who find it difficult or impossible to take notes in class. Their jobs are well defined, with boundaries in place to ensure that neither the student’s independence, nor the note-takers role, is impinged upon.

Sign language interpreters

Interpreting is transferring live a message from one language to another. New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Interpreters work for both parties (Deaf and hearing) and between two languages (NZSL and spoken English).

Interpreting is a highly specialised field. The NZSL Interpreters that work at AUT are professional, qualified Interpreters that have chosen to specialise in the tertiary education context.

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