Services for students with disabilities or impairments

DisabilityAUT students who are deaf or have an impairment can visit the AUT Student Hub for information and support to help them participate fully in learning. 

AUT is committed to the equity code of practice

We are committed to equity of access and opportunity for students, staff and visitors. The university supports the principles of Kia Orite: Achieving Equity New Zealand Code of Practice, which enables students with impairments to achieve fully.

Who can AUT help?

We offer specialist advice and support to AUT students who:
  • Have a confirmed impairment or diagnosis
  • Are deaf or hearing impaired
  • Are blind or vision impaired
  • Have a specific learning disability - dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia
  • Have a specific impairment - Asperger's, autistic spectrum disorders, Irlen's syndrome
  • Have mental health issues
  • Have mobility issues
  • Have an impairment, long term injury or illness
We welcome enquiries from students who are considering study at AUT.
Resources available for students who are deaf or have an impairment

What is an individual needs assessment interview?

During your individual assessment interview, we will work together to identify what support you need for your studies at AUT. Support is designed to maximise your capacity to become an independent learner. Remember that the key to successful study is to plan ahead, check out the environment and resources, ask for assistance and do so at the earliest opportunity.

The individual needs assessment interview will identify your support requirements and needs whilst studying. The purpose is to agree with you what you need to maximise your capabilities and independence, to overcome barriers and to participate fully according to your abilities, resources, culture and goals.

Acknowledgement of your cultural identity and needs is important and you are welcome to bring a support person to your needs assessment interview. Alternatively we can arrange for one of our cultural advisors to be present, if you wish.
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