Parchments - Official proof of your qualification given to you at Graduation

The certificate you receive when you graduate is called a parchment. This page outlines the details a parchment has, and the process you should follow in the very rare event you lose the parchment after you have graduated.

Parchment: what it is

The certificate you receive when you graduate is called a parchment.

A parchment contains:
  • The name of your degree
  • The university’s seal
  • The date of your graduation
If you don’t wish to attend graduation, you may opt to graduate in absentia and we will courier your parchment to you.

Replacement parchments

Conditions for the issue of a replacement parchment are strict. In order to replace a parchment, the form below needs to be completed, returned by email or posted and payments made.  If the parchment has been lost or accidently destroyed the statutory declaration part of the form needs to be completed before a solicitor, Justice of the Peace or notary public.

Parchment Replacement Form pdf icon (1 page)

Cost (NZ$, including GST) of replacement parchments

  • Certificate of proficiency or certificate - $25
  • Diploma, or graduate certificate or diploma - $45
  • Bachelor, master or doctoral degree - $45
  • Postgraduate certificate or diploma - $45

Plus courier charges (in NZ$, including GST)

  • Within New Zealand – $15
  • Overseas airmail - $30

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