Graduands registering at the venue

Your graduation is a special day, and we want to make sure everything runs smoothly. When you arrive at the graduation venue, please go to the assembly area to register. The registration process confirms your attendance and enables us to make sure all graduands are in the right order before moving into the auditorium. This is very important to make sure you receive your own graduation certificate; not someone else's.

When you arrive at the graduation venue

  • Please arrive at the venue least 45 minutes before your ceremony with the appropriate academic regalia
  • Please proceed to the assembly area for registration 30 minutes before your ceremony time
  • Make sure your guests are OK, and then make sure you are ready for a 2-hour ceremony before registering in the assembly area
  • You must have your hands free when on stage - leave your handbag, flowers, phones  and other personal belongings with your guests, or you can leave them in the venue cloakroom on level 2 before registering at the assembly area

Assembly area - what to expect

  • Only graduands and graduation staff are allowed in the assembly area
  • Before the ceremony starts, graduation staff will check that all graduands are lined up in the order of their graduation and wear the right academic regalia
  • Please stay in this order
  • The marshals will do a final check of names. This is a very important process - please listen to the instructions to ensure you get your own degree or diploma and not someone else’s
  • If you arrive late you may not be able to participate in the ceremony

Inside the auditorium - what to expect

  • You will be part of a group supervised by a marshal who will lead you into the appropriate seating row
  • You will proceed into the auditorium after all other officials and guests are seated
  • There will be a karanga (call) and you will start filing in during this time
  • It is important that you proceed quickly and quietly, and remain standing until instructed to sit
  • Enjoy the ceremony and be ready for your time on stage. Place your phone in your pocket on silent as the bright screens can be seen by the guests in the circle and balcony seating above
  • At the appropriate time, marshals will ask graduands to leave their seats and file in order quietly to the right hand side of the stage where a marshal will do a final check of names

On the stage

  • If you’re receiving a degree you should keep your trencher tucked under your left arm, tassel to the front
  • When your name is called, you should walk directly to the Chancellor who will be standing in the centre of the stage
  • The Chancellor will then shake your right hand and hold a ceremonial trencher either over your head or your shoulder (depending upon the qualification that’s being granted)
  • Once you have shaken the Chancellor’s hand, move directly to the Vice-Chancellor who will also shake your right hand and then present you with your degree/diploma/certificate which you will take in your left hand.
  • You may then place your trencher on your head
  • Then please walk directly off the stage
  • Marshals will then direct you back to your seats (which may not be the same seats you originally sat in)

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Last updated: 04-Nov-2014 9.01am

The information on this page was correct at time of publication. For a comprehensive overview of AUT qualifications, please refer to the Academic Calendar.