Postgraduate forms to download and use

Download forms for postgraduate students at AUT, including for master's and doctoral students.

It is strongly recommended that you download the current form each time you wish to use it rather than using one saved on your computer from an earlier occasion.

Ethics forms

Download ethics forms

Supervision Agreement form

Download supervision form

Research Degree Scholarship forms

doc 183kB Form SCH1 - Postgraduate Research Scholarship Contract

doc 186kB Form SCH2 - Annual Scholarship Renewal Declaration

Admission and transfers

doc 72 kB Form PGR1 - Postgraduate research proposal
Includes brief research proposal for master's and honours students.

doc 76 kB Form PGR2 - Admission to a doctoral programme
Includes brief research proposal and must be accompanied by an Application for Enrolment. (AFE)

doc 185 kB Form PGR3 - Transfer of PhD candidature
To be completed by a candidate transferring doctoral candidature to AUT from another institution.

doc 65 kB Form PGR4 - Transfer to the PhD from an AUT master's programme
Application detailing requirements for transfer.

doc 84 kB Form PGR5 - Transfer to the MPhil from an AUT doctoral programme
Application detailing requirements for transfer to the MPhil.

doc 84 kB Form PGR25 - Off Campus Registration Agreement Form
Application detailing off campus research.

Embargo Request

doc 99 kB Form PGR16 - Application for Embargo
Application for embargoes to restrict access to a thesis/dissertation/exegesis. Applications should be lodged as soon as the need for confidentiality is identified. 

Progression and changes in status

doc 93 kB Form PGR6 - Variation of record
Application for changes such as mode of study, thesis topic or title, deferment, leave of absence of enrolment, withdrawal from programme, request for extension and expected completion.

doc 65 kB Form PGR7 - Notification of supervisory changes
Appointment of additional supervisors and changes of supervisors.

doc 114 kB Form PGR22 - Appointment of an external supervisor
Appointment of external supervisor to AUT.

doc 143 kB Form PGR8 - Progress report
A six-monthly report on research progress by the candidate.

doc 161 kB Form PGR9 - Confirmation of candidature research proposal
Application for confirmation of candidature and the full proposal.

doc 119 kB Form PGR10 - Major change in thesis topic
Notification of significant change in thesis topic.

doc 68 kB Form PGR19 - Change of Faculty
Notification of change of faculty for doctoral students only.


Checklist for Supervisors - Theses Dissertation Examination
A checklist for supervisors to use once the first draft of the thesis/dissertation has been received.

doc 177 kB Form PGR11- Appointment of examiners
A faculty postgraduate committee notification of examiners.

doc 127 kB Form PGR12 - Lodgement of thesis for examination
A statement that the thesis is ready for examination.

doc 135 kB Form PGR14 - Completion of amendments as required by examiners

doc 134 kB Form PGR23 - Primary Supervisor report
Primary supervisor report required upon doctoral candidate submission for examination.

Submission of final copies, post examination

doc 118 kB Form PGR15 - Deposit of thesis/dissertation/exegesis in the AUT library
Form to accompany electronic thesis/dissertation/exegesis being deposited in the AUT library.

Submission of final copy, post examination of Master's Research Project

doc 98 kB Form PGR18 - Deposit of Master's Research Project in the AUT Library
Form to accompany the electronic Master's Research Project being deposited in the AUT Library. If required you will be told to submit an electronic copy of the PGR18 form. Please discuss with your faculty for further details.

Submission of final copy, post examination of Bachelor's Honours Dissertations

doc 121 kB Form PGR17 - Deposit of bachelor's dissertation/exegesis in the AUT library
Form to accompany electronic dissertation/exegesis being deposited in the AUT library. If required you will be told to submit an electronic copy of the PGR17. Please discuss with your faculty for further details. 

Third party copyright material

doc 16kB Permission letter from author seeking permission to include in a thesis previously published material written by the author

doc 16kB Permission letter from author to copyright holder to include 3rd party copyright material in a thesis/dissertation 

A full description of guidelines and processes can be found in the AUT Postgraduate Handbook

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