Reporting incidents and hazards

If you witness or experience an incident, accident or hazard, please report it immediately to your lecturer, technician or school manager and complete the AUT Incident Report or AUT Hazard Report.

It is extremely important to report these matters, as you may well save someone else from experiencing a similar fate.  Incident reports enable us to know of a safety concern so we can investigate and find ways to correct the problem or warn others.

Certain accidents or injuries may require that the Department of Labour investigates, so it is important to let us know what happened as soon as possible so we can keep them informed, maintain legal compliance and ensure your welfare.

doc AUT Incident Report
The AUT Incident Report is to be used if you have an injury or illness caused as a result of your work or study at AUT. For example, if, as part of your study at AUT, you slip, trip or fall on slippery surface, or cut yourself using instruments or equipment. Please complete the front page and Sections 1 and 2 on the second page. Your supervisor or teacher will complete the Report and forward it to the Health and Safety Advisors at AUT internal mail code C60.

doc AUT Hazard Report
The Hazard Report can be used to report a hazardous situation, e.g. broken furniture or glass, faulty equipment or an unserviceable emergency exit or equipment. Complete Section A of the form and pass it on to your supervisor or teacher, or send it to the Health & Safety Advisors at AUT internal mail post code C60.

Last updated: 25-Jul-2014 2.41pm

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