Keeping healthy and well

Here you’ll find resources and information to help you stay healthy (and happy) while studying and working at AUT.

To make an appointment to discuss any of the services below, find contact details at Health, Counselling and Wellbeing centres.

Enrol in our Primary Health Organisation (PHO) - don’t wait until you are sick

Health, Counselling and Wellbeing is a member of the Auckland PHO. If you are a current AUT student and a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and you enrol with us as your Primary Health Organisation, you pay cheaper fees for health services. Routine consultations with doctors and nurses will be completely free.

It is important that you don’t wait until you are sick before enrolling with us - just drop by one of our centres with your student ID card and fill in the simple enrolment form.

If you don’t enrol with us as your PHO or you are ineligible to enrol (for example, if you are an international student), you are still more than welcome to use our services, however you will be charged higher ‘casual’ rates.

For more information on costs for medical services, see ‘what does it cost?’ Learn more about the Auckland PHO.

How much do you drink? Be part of important alcohol research

Alcohol is a big part of New Zealand society. That’s why the Alcohol Advisory Council of NZ (ALAC) and all eight New Zealand universities are interested in finding out more about drinking patterns. To do this, we need good quality data.

So we’ve created a confidential survey for university students

What is the survey about?

It’s completely anonymous, and data will be used for academic research. We’re simply trying to find out more about the ways New Zealanders use alcohol. With reliable information, we will be able to explore the social, academic and health issues around alcohol use. The survey will take just a few minutes, and you’ll receive balanced and confidential feedback on your responses.

Sexual health services

We are here to help you with advice and assessment about contraception and sexual health.

Free cervical screening and sexual health check in September
September is cervical screening awareness month. Enrol at AUT Health, Counselling and Wellbeing in September and you can have your cervical smear and sexual health check for FREE!
Read more about cervical screening awareness month

Free condoms
We are happy to provide you with free condoms. Pop by one of our centres at the City Campus or the North Campus. Free condoms are also available from the AuSM office at AUT's South Campus.

Free Chlamydia test
Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that affects both men and women. Chlamydia often has no symptoms, but can cause long-term health issues including infertility. Chlamydia is at epidemic levels in New Zealand. A simple test is all that’s needed to detect chlamydia, and only requires one dose of antibiotics to treat. If you’re an AUT student under 25 years old, we are currently offering free sexual health consultations with chlamydia testing. Please note that international students will have to pay for laboratory tests.

Make an appointment with a nurse or doctor today.

give up smoking
Stop smoking services

Need some support with quitting?
Nicotine replacement therapy (patches and gum) along with advice and support are available from Health, Counselling and Wellbeing. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your health.

You can also visit the Quitline website

Influenza vaccinations

Over winter, we offer students an affordable vaccination against influenza. Some at risk groups, such as those people with diabetes or asthma, might be eligible for free immunisation. Māori and Pacific students who are enrolled with us as their GP can have FREE flu vaccinations. To discuss the vaccination or make an appointment, contact us on +64 9 921 9992 (City Campus) or +64 9 921 9998 (North Campus).
fresh food

Eating Well

Moved away from home cooking and having to fend for yourself? Budget tight? Is what you are eating making you ill? You need to eat well to study well. You can talk with Otago University student dieticians at our City Campus centre on Thursdays for FREE to help you plan your menu and take care of yourself. To make an appointment, contact us on +64 9 921 9992.

The Student Hub can also help you with budgeting and shopping advice. Visit the Student Hub.

Feeling well - other services and fast facts

AUT Health, Counselling and Wellbeing wants to help you stay well while on campus and can provide you with counselling services, spirituality services, harassment prevention and health advice to assist you to manage your life and stay well. Look through this section of the site to learn more about these services or contact our Health, Counselling and Wellbeing centres.

Fast facts
Quick tips to help you stay safe and feel good. Dental services
AUT Health, Counselling and Wellbeing does not provide dental services. AUT does have an oral health clinic on the North Campus - phone +64 9 921 9999 ext 9155 for an appointment.

Breastfeeding rooms
AUT wants to support mothers who are breastfeeding while studying or working at AUT. There are two breastfeeding rooms on campus, they are open during normal university opening hours.
  • City Campus WB 134
  • North Campus AE 102 F
Staying safe on campus
You can be responsible for your own personal health, safety and security on campus by taking simple, common-sense precautions that we highlight in ‘Your safety’.

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