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The next 10 years: AUT researchers talk about the future

Learn about some of the contemporary - and contentious - issues of which AUT experts are at the forefront. Read about their outlook for the next 10 years – and beyond.

Sustainable business – Professor Kate Kearins
Finance companies and entrepreneurs need to take the impetus in fairer and environmentally-friendly business practices.

Brainy computers - Dr Stefan Schliebs
To what extent will the medium of silicon and electricity imitate the human functions?

Astronomy on a mass-scale – Professor Surgei Gulyaev
A project to build a massive telescope that will enable astronomers to see back in time.

Digitising Maori language – Professor John Moorfield
The medium – or platform - will be as vital as the message in sustaining te reo, New Zealand’s native tongue.

Tourism via the web – Professor Simon Milne
The internet will play a major part in attracting tourists to communities and growing GDP.

Sporting elite – AUT postgraduate students
Finding new ways to train top athletes to peak-performance level.

Oceans needing cleaner air – Dr Kay Vopel
How carbon dioxide will affect our seas.

Obesity’s creep – Professor Elaine Rush
We can’t ignore obesity, and we need new ways to stop its advance.

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