Frequently asked questions: Sir Paul Reeves Building

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG), including who can use the building, opening hours for WG, and what services and facilities you can find in WG.

Please note: The information below is continually being updated and may change without notice.

Use and access

Who can use the Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG)?
All AUT staff and students can use the WG space, with some specialist equipment areas (such as television and radio studios) for School of Communication Studies staff and students only.

What are the opening hours of the building?

  • Mon-Fri: 7am-10.30pm
  • Sat, Sun: 10am-6pm

Hours may change during exam time and holidays.

What about after-hours access - how can I arrange this?
Normal building security applies, please see your faculty or security.

What facilities are available in WG?
A fact sheet will be provided listing all facilities by floor.

How can I see when facilities are available and how do I book them?
As with the rest of facilities on campus, contact timetabling for teaching activities, and Hospitality Services for events using facilities/rooms and all public spaces.

How can I access a map of the building?
Maps will be available at the touch kiosks and also on the AUT website.

How does the room numbering work in WG?
Same as the rest of the university, e.g. WG601 is on level 6, WG801 on level 8.

Can any student access all parts of the building?
No, some areas are restricted, such as specialist equipment and studio rooms.

Where are staff offices, and can all students access them?
On level 12. During normal working hours (9am-5pm) students can access the floor via reception. After working hours, the floor is locked and access is gained only through AUT School of Communication Studies staff who have a swipe card.

What about specialist studios and equipment rooms? How do I access these?
Access to this is only available to staff responsible and students who require access for their learning. Access is arranged via your school.

People are being too noisy in the learning spaces, what can I do? Where do I go if I need some privacy?
The spaces are for you to learn and study and students should be mindful of others trying to work. If you would like a silent space, there are:

  • Four study rooms on level 4 (access is on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Group study rooms in the library
  • Silent study spaces on levels 5 and 6 of the library
  • Several booths and seating areas for private study and groups of students on levels 1 and 4

Where can I loan out specialist equipment I need for my course (cameras, audio etc)?
There is a loan out facility for communication studies and CoLab students in WE level 2. Please talk to your lecturer about what equipment is appropriate for you.

Who can use the equipment?
Students will only be able to access specialist equipment if their course requires it.

What is the floor access policy, e.g. do communication studies students have unique access to some floors? Is there swipe card only access to the TV area?
Yes, TV studios and specialist facilities will require swipe card access. This will be done through the schools.

Will there be ad hoc events in the building?
Yes, there will be events running in the spaces within the WG building during and after hours.

Will there be directory maps signage - ‘you are here’?
Yes, and digital signage for way-finding is located at all major entrances.

Other services/facilities

Where can I get food and drink?

  • Newsfeed café on level 3 in WG next to the Governor Fitzroy Plaza entrance serves salads, noodles and gluten free food
  • The Hub in WC level 2 serves a $5 student buffet all day
  • The Counter café in WF – the Business and Law building opposite the WG level 3 entrance
  • Some floors have vending machines - mainly teaching and public floors
  • The food court in Hikuwai Plaza can be easily accessed via the green quad on level 4

Can I eat anywhere or just in specific locations?
You can eat in any of the common areas in the WG building, however you can't eat or drink in the specialist communication studies and CoLab rooms, studios and media centre due to expensive equipment being present.

Can I bring my own food in, and where can I cook it?
There is a student kitchen on level 3.

Is there access for students to obtain water?
Yes there are fountains and water bottle fillers.

I use a wheelchair/need assistance to get around, how can I navigate WG?
WG is fully wheelchair accessible.

Where can I park if I’m using WG, is there parking on site?
There is no parking available in WG building. Why not walk, take the bus or train instead?
Find out more about your options to get to and from AUT.

What does the library offer?
The library will continue to offer the same services as it does currently.

How can I recognise support staff?  
Student Services staff, ICT Support staff will be easily identifiable through AUT shirts and/or ID badges.

What’s the difference between the support provided by Ambassadors and that offered by other staff including Student Services?
WG Ambassadors are student mentors that have been trained to help you get the most out of your new precinct. They assist with way-finding and making connections with other expert support staff. They are fully informed to respond to FAQs and will be roaming throughout the collaborative learning space during the first four weeks of semester. They will be available to take groups of students on tours of WG.

Information Advisors are located in the Student Hub on level 2 of the WA area, so you can go directly to them. They are our experts on AUT information, systems and processes that prospective and current students need to navigate.

Can I move the furniture in the collaborative learning spaces?
Yes, loose furniture can be moved to make your learning environment more comfortable.

Is the furniture produced locally, or is it available world wide?
The furniture in WG comes from a range of suppliers. Most of it is made in NZ; a few pieces are imported. Some of the furniture has been designed especially for AUT for this project.

Are there lockers available for students?   
Yes, there are key lockers throughout the building.
Contact AuSM for the allocation process.

What is the environmental sustainability of the design?   

  • Designed to incorporate environmentally sustainable design elements
  • Built with low emission materials, use of natural light, tinted glass
  • Lights have auto-sensors to turn off
  • Lifts regenerate power so the building is energy efficient
  • Built to a high standard with a high degree of structural safety 

Will there be money machines available for students? 
There will be no money machines installed in WG.

IT and other equipment

How do I get ICT help?
ICT staff will be roaming in WG. Alternatively, you can find an ICT Service Desk across the bridge connecting WG  level 4 with  WA; the student hub is located on WA level 2 and Student Services reception in WB level 1.

Where are there power points for me to charge my phone/laptop?   
There are power points throughout the building as well as at the bottom of the seating on level 2 to 4 where you can charge your devices. There are also laptop charging lockers in WG level 1.

How do I connect to the Wi-fi in WG?   
You connect through AUTwifi the same way you do in the other university buildings.
Read more about how to do this

Is there Wi-fi in every room/study place in WG?     

Where can I print my assignments/documents?
School of Communication Studies students have printing facilities on levels 5 to 8. All other students can print in the Tech Central on all three campuses.

Where are the touch screens and what’s on them?   
Way-finding touch screens will be located at all four main entrances to the building.

How can I share content to the digital signage in the building?   
Instructions will be distributed once the system is installed.

How can I borrow laptops?
You can borrow laptops through level 3 of the library (notebooks only, not Macbooks)

Can I take a laptop from the library and use it in WG?   
Yes you can.

For more information

Student enquiries

AUT Student Hub
Phone 0800 AUT UNI (0800 288 864)

ICT Student Services and Support
Phone 09 921 9888

AUT Security
Phone 09 921 9997

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